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Bridging The Gap’s auditing department has recovered over $2 Million in overbillings from the phone company each year.

Many companies do not have the time or in-house resources to scrutinize every telephone bill. Unfortunately, there are many people who think that auditing is a tidious and time-consuming task. Not true, that’s where BTG comes in. We are trained to read billing records, recognize overbillings and secure lost monies. We do the work and you benefit from our efforts.

Take a closer look at what we like to cal our "Painless 10 Step Overbilling Audit".

    Bridging The Gap performs a Telephone Overbilling Audit Service that is a complete turnkey operation. Here are the steps:
  1. Bridging The Gap sends letter to client including necessary documents needed to initiate the audit.
  2. Client returns executed Overbilling Agreement and Letter of Authority.
  3. Bridging The Gap requests records from Telephone Company.
  4. Bridging The Gap investigation, research and reconciliation commences.
  5. Claim filed with Telephone Company. Bridging The Gap monitors process.
  6. Confirmation of credit/refund is requested, in writing, from the Telephone Company. Client receives a copy from Bridging The Gap.
  7. Credit/refund check, made out to client, is sent to Bridging The Gap for delivery to client. BTG prepares invoice and forwards check to client.
  8. Client receives check – sends 50% to BTG (per Overbilling Agreement).
  9. BTG follows-up with Telephone Company Representative for any additional monies that might not have been included in the refund check. These monies appear typically on a subsequent bill shortly after the check date. Additional invoice is prepared.
  10. Post Audit review.


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