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We’re a true consulting company specializing in efficient and productive telecommunications system design. We emphasize "true" because we don’t manufacture or sell any equipment of any type, and we have no affiliations with anyone who does.

This is an extremely important distinction – one which places us in sharp contrast with so-called "consultants" whose primary interest is in having you purchase a particular product – which may or may not be correct for you – and from a particular vendor – who may or may not be sufficiently reliable.

As your unbiased consultant, we will analyze and fulfill all your telecommunications needs, current and future, at the lowest possible cost consistent with reliability. And, as you will see, our responsibilities to you extend indefinitely.

Bridging The Gap provides consulting services for many communication projects including:

  • Conducting a study to determine telecommunication needs
  • Issue a written report (What We Did, Found and Recommend)
  • Design a telecommunication system to meet voice and data needs
  • Submit bid specifications to reliable vendors with proven track record
  • Prepare bid analysis and recommendation
  • Oversee contract award and system installation
  • Design local area network (LAN)


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