If you decide to use our services, here's exactly how we would proceed:
1. Analyze and evaluate your present system (lines and facilities) via physical inspection, surveys and interviews.
2. Audit all Telephone Company and AT&T billing records.
3. Document your present communications needs -- incoming, outgoing, internal -- and project your future needs.
4. Prepare and submit bid specifications to vendors, followed by analysis, cost/savings projections and recommendations.
5. Participate with you in negotiations with selected vendor on all aspects of system.
6. Serve as your project manager during installation.
7. Supervise staff training by vendor.
8. Conduct follow-up evaluation and remain available for trouble-shooting for 30 days.
9. Review post-installation billings from phone companies.

Our criteria and procedures assure that you will receive the correct….

Product: Must meet the highest standards of reliability and your potential expansion needs.

Vendor: Must be financially sound and have a proven track record…plus provide 10-year support agreement from manufacturer.

Cost: We review the vendor's total role, including technical/service/maintenance and cost feasibility's-for both telephone and non-telephone offerings.

Our telephone bill auditing can result in large savings for you. By analyzing and comparing your billing records with your actual rental equipment, lines and telephone room, we can determine if there have been overcharges that warrant refunds. If so, we will then negotiate with the phone companies for you. Our compensation is half the savings that result from our efforts. And here are other services we can provide on an hourly basis:

  • Telecommunications management
  • Audit post-installation billings from the telephone company and AT&T
  • Analyze cost effectiveness of long-distance carriers
  • Train staff responsible for bills
  • Eliminate abuses in phoning
  • Detect unwarranted third-party calls
  • Uncover discrepancies in previous systems
  • A second opinion regarding telecommunication system selection
  • Telephone technique training
  • Review of monthly bills