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Success Stories

The Town of Ramapo, Suffern, New York
"As a result of the new procedures, significant savings averaging $441 a month on toll calls alone have been achieved…projected savings from all sources is more than $14,000 over a two-year period…", Ramapo Town Supervisor. In addition, Bridging the Gap discovered an overcharge from New York Telephone to the County of Rockland of $51,000, plus interest, to which the county was entitled to a refund.

The Nanuet Public School District
The Bells had installed a centralized switchboard at one location to cover all of the district's schools. Bridging the Gap studies showed that this system was not only uneconomical, but also inconvenient to the parents and taxpayers the district served. by converting to a decentralized system designed by Bridging the Gap, the district achieved over a 75% reduction in charges for additional message units, and over a 20% reduction in long distance costs.

Clarkstown Pediatrics
The largest group medical practice in Rockland County, Bridging the Gap saved it over $38,000 in a five-year period, and gained it a refund due to overcharging of over $ 3,000 with interest.

Fisher Skylights, West Nyack, New York
For one of the nation's largest manufacturers in its field, Bridging the Gap designed a privately owned communications system. When it made a major move to a new plant location, its communications system was implemented by Bridging the Gap. The result will be estimated savings to the client of over $50,000 for a five-year period.

Lawler, Matusky and Skelly Engineers, Inc.
By the time one of the country's largest environmental engineering concerns celebrates its tenth anniversary in its new headquarters in Pearl River, Bridging the gap will have saved it over $300,000.

The Town of Orangeburg, New York
Bridging the Gap helped reduce the town's monthly bills by nearly 50% and achieve a total monthly rental saving of over $260. Of the work done by Bridging the Gap, Town supervisor Joseph Colello reported to the press that President Bob DeRosa, "has saved his fees a few times over."







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