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System Design

Our first step would be to analyze your present system and lines to see if they are correct, and the facilities appropriate.

Then, by means of surveys and interview with your key personnel, we will determine and thoroughly document your actual communications needs: incoming, outgoing and internal. This step ends with a report on our findings and recommendations.

Next, we prepare and submit bid specifications to qualified vendors. When the bids come in, we analyze them, prepare 5 and 10-year cost and savings projections, and recommend the product and the vendor best suited for your needs.

Our criteria and procedures for recommending vendors have been established by long experience to assure you the correct:

Product: The product must meet highest standards of reliability and your potential expansion needs.

Vendor: Must be financially sound, and have a proven track record . . . plus 10-year support agreement from manufacturer.

Cost: We review vendorís total role, including technical/service/maintenance and cost feasibilities . . . for both telephone and non-telephone offerings.

This assures you of being served as intended, independent of the vendorís ability to fulfill all their obligations.

Keep in mind, we will participate with you in negotiations with the selected vendor regarding:

Contract signing, installation, scheduling, training, telephone company orders, maintenance, and delivery.


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