If all this sounds too good to be true, we understand. Others had that impression until they called us in and put us to work for them. The quickest way to find out all the ways we differ from others who call themselves "consultants" is simply to mail us the enclosed card or to telephone us right now at 914 359-7600. We will send you the names and addresses of the many hundreds of companies and institutions for which we have designed systems, plus others for whom we have obtained substantial refunds. If you ask any of them about the way we work, you'll find one more way we differ -- We care.


The first two reasons we've already given you. We don't sell you hardware, while many other "consultants" are in fact hardware salesmen. Second, you don't give us any money unless we save you money.

Not many other consultants can say that. There is multitude of reasons why you should choose Bridging The Gap Through Communications over others.

To start with, our President, Bob DeRosa, was a successful executive with The Bells herself for over 12 years. He designed communications and data systems for Dow Chemical, 20th Century Fox, General Motors, and good many other blue chip companies. He was responsible for a billing of four million dollars a month. And The Bells thought so highly of him that she sent him out on the lecture circuit, even to lecture Uncle Sam. The problem was, looking from the inside out and knowing her tricks, he grew to think not so highly of The Bells. You wouldn't either if you knew what he knows.

Not too many other consultants know it either.

That is our President, now for our staff. In addition to being telecommunications experts, they were chosen for their overlapping success experience in a wide range of fields - including education, business, and engineering to name a few. Not many other consultants have that kind of staff.

We don't terminate our consultancy when the original job is done. Our services are yours as long as you deed them. Free.

Not many other consultants offer that kind of lifetime guarantee.

We offer a full range of services to our clients including intercession with banks to obtain the best possible financing. And for our efforts on behalf of our clients, we've earned a reputation not only with them, but with the news media as well.

Not many others have the expertise to know which coded telephone company records to requisition on a client's behalf or how to interpret them. Not many others know of considerably less expensive alternatives to long distance calling. Nor the full range of ways in which telecommunications is evolving closer links with data processing.

That is why you should look to Bridging the Gap for solutions to your communications problems.